Asynchronous linting in Vim 8

Earlier this month, Vim 8.0 was released

This release is the first major release in over 10 years, and brings several new features, most exciting of which is asynchronous I/O support. Previously, you would use a plugin like Syntastic that runs synchronously on buffer open, write or manually with a command like :SyntasticCheck, preventing you from doing anything else while the buffer is being linted. This is far from the linting experience that modern editors like Atom/Sublime/WebStorm provide, where linters are run in the background after text is typed without disrupting your flow. In fact, this was such a badly wanted feature that it was one of the reasons why the NeoVim project came to be, among other things.

Well today, you can enjoy the future in vim.

I’m using the ALE plugin, which currently supports linters for JavaScript, Bash, Python, Ruby, with more in development. Documentation is a bit lacking at the moment, but you just need to install it with your package manager then make sure you have one of the supported linters available on your $PATH.

Happy linting!